Reducing Stress While Stuck at Home!

Times of uncertainty can cause mind-consuming stress. Many of you probably know all too well that stress can also wreak havoc on blood glucose levels. In the last six weeks, my world, like many of you, has been turned upside down. I have gone from working at a local physician's office as a diabetes educator to being a full-time homeschool teacher. As a result of all the recent changes, my stress level is a little higher than usual.

Tips for reducing stress during COVID-19

To cope with this new normal, I have found several activities (outside of homeschooling my son) that help me reduce my stress. Here I present to you my shortlist of enjoyable and, as a bonus, inexpensive actives:

1. Listening to audiobooks

I have found this to be a great way to escape from everyday realities and be in someone else’s world. I listen to audiobooks while cleaning, on a walk, or when I am driving to the grocery store. You can put audiobook apps on your smart device - some are free and some have a monthly fee. Additionally, many public libraries offer free audiobook rentals.

2. Arts and crafts

I have found myself looking at Pinterest almost daily for new arts and crafts projects. Painting, coloring, and drawing with sidewalk chalk have become favorites for both myself and my 5-year-old son!

3. Exercise

Getting outside for some fresh air has always may me feel better, but this is true now more than ever. Each day, I try to go for a walk, run, or bike ride. On rainy days I will find a YouTube exercise video to make sure I am getting some activity. Exercise can also be helpful for blood sugar control and weight management.

4. Reconnecting with family and friends

Most Saturday evenings I have a video conference with family or friends. I miss seeing my family and friends in person, but for the time being, I find this to be a great alternative. During busier times I often don't get to hear what is new with family and friends. I have found these video conferences to be an excellent opportunity to reconnect.

What have you been doing to reduce your stress level? Please share your thoughts with the type 2 diabetes community!

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