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How Do I Get the Latest Updates on Type 2 Diabetes?

The internet is full of information on type 2 diabetes. At times it can get overwhelming.

Type2Diabetes.com is home to countless articles and recipes written by:

  • Advocates living with type 2 diabetes
  • Providers like registered dieticians and certified diabetes educators, as well as other healthcare experts
  • Our Editorial Team

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What is in this diabetes newsletter?

Stay up-to-date with the latest information! Wherever you are in your diabetes journey, you will find something new. This could be a new approach, perspective, or mindset that you had not thought about.

New articles

Newsletters contain articles recently written by our advocates and Editorial Team. The advocates include people living with type 2 diabetes and healthcare professionals. Advocates living with diabetes share their firsthand experiences of life with the condition. Health experts share new ideas, pulling from their experiences with clients living with diabetes. Our Editorial Team covers newsworthy updates – advances in treatment, new research studies, and more.


I spy something delicious! Each week, you will also find a featured recipe. We understand that some ingredients in our recipes do not fit everyone’s diet. Please be sure to leave out or swap any ingredients that do not work for you. Each recipe includes a photo, prep time, ingredients, directions, and nutritional facts.


We try to keep things engaging by including a poll in each newsletter. It usually relates to diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, or management. Filling out the poll is optional. But it is an interesting way to see how your experiences with diabetes compare to others'!

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