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What Gave Me the Motivation to Manage My T2D?

I have to be honest; knowing I had prediabetes didn't compel me to make the necessary changes for my health. Even after the prediabetes progressed to type 2 diabetes, it took something else to finally motivate me to manage my diabetes. If I'm being honest, I needed another reason to manage my type 2 diabetes beyond just being healthy.

I know I'm far from perfect. I knew I needed to manage my type 2 diabetes, but it was difficult. So, what made me change?

Weight loss as a motivation to change

What got me motivated to control my diabetes was the potential to lose weight. The medication that my doctor prescribed to assist in managing diabetes had a side effect of weight loss. While that may seem like something I should have done on my own, this helped me actually see the numbers move. And not just the numbers on my scale; my A1C also moved to the normal range.

I'm not saying this is for everyone; it just worked for me.

My challenge with weight management

I've always been unsuccessful at losing weight on my own. Sure, I'd lose 20 pounds here and there, but the most I'd ever lost was 40 pounds. As soon as I stopped a restrictive way of eating, the pounds came back.

Managing diabetes with Ozempic

I've recently been managing my type 2 diabetes with Ozempic. In addition to improving my A1C, I've lost over 67 pounds.

Don't get me wrong, managing diabetes and eating a balanced diet is still difficult at times. I still crave sweets, and I still love bread. The thing is, I can't eat as much as I could in the past. If I go out to dinner, I never finish my food, and sometimes the leftovers last me 2 days.

I've maintained my current weight, but most importantly, the medicine keeps my A1C in the normal range.

Fearing high costs and drug shortages

I don't know if I'll be able to stay on this drug forever, and that's the scary part. I know it's a maintenance drug, and I should be able to. Drug shortages and high costs could be factors in whether I can stay on Ozempic. What if I can't get it or can no longer afford it? I hope I've learned enough about eating less if that happens.

What motivates you to manage diabetes?

I feel like my weight shouldn't be at the forefront of my reasons to watch my diabetes. It should not be the reason I have taken control of this disease.

But I'm sure there are others like me who may have gotten their T2D under control because they are motivated to lose weight. The end result is the same, so while I needed another reason to manage my type 2 diabetes, any reason is better than none.

Whatever works for you to keep you motivated is the most important if it helps lower your A1C. It may be that you are healthier, you feel better, or like me, you've lost weight. If it works, that's a good thing.

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