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There's an App for That!

Smartphones allow you to have several diabetes management tools at your fingertips! Today it's much more accessible to track your lab work and glucose levels, get help tackling prescription prices, set nutrition goals, and more. 

Free apps to help with diabetes management

Here are some no-cost apps to help manage your diabetes with technology. While this doesn't even come close to addressing all diabetes apps available, it can be a great starting point for you. And, if you already use apps that you love, share them in the comment section below!

Electronic medical records

Many electronic medical records now allow you to view your lab work and doctors' notes. Some apps can let you ask questions to nurses or can provide telehealth services.

These apps are sometimes called patient portals. An example is the MyChart app, available on Apple and Android products. Even if your medical team doesn't have a phone app, they will often have a website portal that gives you similar access to your medical information and healthcare team. You'll need access codes from your medical team to get started on these websites/apps.

Tracking glucose trends

Many newer glucose meters have an optional app that uploads your glucose data to your smartphone via Bluetooth. For example, OneTouch meters upload glucose results to the OneTouch Reveal app. 

Checking to see if your glucose meter has a compatible smartphone app may be the best way to get started. Other apps like Glooko and Tidepool Mobile offer features such as tracking glucose patterns, medication, food intake, and physical activity data.

Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) have dedicated apps depending on the brand. In general, glucose apps can help you track your patterns, learn how different things affect your glucose levels, and see how often your glucose patterns are in healthy ranges.

Prescription management

Paying for medicines, let alone filling them at the pharmacy, can be challenging. An app that can help with medication costs is GoodRx. This app can help to reduce medication costs if a medication isn't covered under prescriptions. GoodRx can help you find the cheapest pharmacies and gives you essential information about your medications.

For medication refills, have your pharmacy automatically refill and text you when it's ready for pickup. You can also use pharmacy apps to help replenish your medicines. For example, the Walgreens app allows you to scan your med bottle to refill that prescription when needed. Other apps with similar features are Walmart Wellness and CVS Pharmacy.

Insulin pumps

Are you interested in insulin pumps but not sure how they work or what features they offer? There's an app for that! The 3 major insulin pump companies, Omnipod, Tandem, and Medtronic, now have simulation apps.

The options are almost endless

As I mentioned above, these are not nearly all the apps for diabetes. There are ones that connect you to others living with diabetes, such as The Diabetes App, apps to help you quit smoking, and apps to help you build healthier eating patterns.

What's your go-to app for diabetes management?

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