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How a Foot Massager Became My Neuropathy Ally

Living with diabetes neuropathy is a constant dance between acceptance and frustration. The tingling, burning, and numbness in my feet can make even the simplest tasks feel like an uphill battle. Between working sports games and being on the sidelines in stadiums, being on my feet most of the day can strain my feet and legs. But amidst the challenges, as a "techie," I've discovered an unexpected ally: a shiatsu foot massager.

Shiatsu foot massager to soothe neuropathy pain

A shiatsu foot massager is an electric device that stimulates pressure points in the feet. Now, I'm not claiming it's a magic cure. But let me tell you, those kneading rollers and the pulsating heat have become a godsend in managing my neuropathy symptoms at home. So much so that I told my wife I would marry this amazing machine, LOL! The shiatsu foot massager is an electric device that stimulates pressure points in the feet.

Massage helps with circulation

The first time I used the shiatsu foot massager, it was like a chorus of angels was singing at my feet. The deep tissue massage, especially on the pressure points, brought a wave of relief that washed over the burning and tingling. It wasn't an instant antidote, but it offered a much-needed relief. Running around after my 4-year-old, or running up and down the sidelines, brings unimaginable pain after long stints on my feet. This machine has helped so much.

One of the biggest struggles with my neuropathy is poor circulation. My feet often feel cold and numb, making walking a chore. Sometimes, the pain gets to the point where, some days, I don't want to move or get out of bed due to the pain.

Reducing neuropathy risks

One of the risks my doctor talked to me about related to diabetic neuropathy was losing limbs (especially feet and toes) due to poor circulation combined with open wounds. Keeping your blood flowing and circulating helps reduce this risk.

When I use the shiatsu foot massager, my feet feel warmer, and the tingling lessens, making movement more manageable and enjoyable. Maintaining a consistent exercise regimen can be challenging when you suffer from neuropathy. So, having a piece of equipment like a massager has helped me when I can't get to the gym.

Neuropathy symptoms can have a bigger impact

Let's be honest: living with any chronic pain is stressful. Constant discomfort can affect your mood and energy levels. The rhythmic massaging motion and warmth from the shiatsu foot massager promote calm and relaxation. It's like a meditation for my tired feet and mind. It's a mini spa session for my feet and soul that I didn't know I needed in-house.

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An opportunity for self-care

Hear me out: managing diabetes is a full-time job, and sometimes self-care falls by the wayside. I think as people with diabetes, we spend so much time controlling blood sugar that we forget about self-care to reduce stress, especially foot care. Using my massager has proven to be a simple act of self-care that I can easily incorporate into my routine. It's a reminder to prioritize my well-being and take a moment to focus on my own needs and reduce my stress.

An affordable option for symptom management

Compared to other neuropathy treatments, a shiatsu foot massager is a relatively affordable option. Plus, it's readily available and easy to use at home, making it a convenient way to manage my symptoms whenever I need it. I bought mine from an online auction, but you can find them in most retail locations in-store or online. There are many brands, options, and price points, from affordable to premium.

Consult with your provider

This is not medical advice, and I am not a medical professional. It is always advisable to consult your doctor before using a shiatsu foot massager for neuropathy. In my case, the shiatsu foot massager has been a game-changer. There are other options available to manage your neuropathy symptoms too.

Though it isn't a cure, it is a helpful tool for managing my neuropathy symptoms and living a more fulfilling, comfortable life. You might find it useful if you're struggling with similarly challenging situations. You might find a bit of relief. I know I did!

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