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Check Your Blood Sugar - No Matter Where

Check Your Blood Sugar – No Matter Where

Check blood glucose in public

I’m here to tell you to check your blood sugar whenever and wherever you want and or need to, don’t let anyone tell you any different. And I don’t care if it’s in a crowded room; on public transportation, in the library, at the gym or at the movies. If you need to check your blood sugar, DO IT – because your current and future health depend on it. If anyone gives you crap about checking your glucose levels in public – that’s on them, that’s their issue, not yours. No person has the right to tell you that you can’t.

Checking your glucose level is what you need to do as a person living with diabetes in order to maintain your health.

And it is your right. Google: The American With Disabilities Act, if you don’t believe me.

Look, if you want to check your blood glucose on the sly (which I’ve done on at least 5,000 different occasions) I get it and understand where you’re coming from. Turn your back/chair away from the crowd and do what you gotta do. Checking your blood glucose takes less than 5 seconds from start to finish. But don’t not bust out your meter because you’re embarrassed or afraid of what others might say. Everybody has an opinion – and you know what they say about opinions. And if you don’t, GOOGLE IT.

Check blood glucose in private

And if you want to check your glucose levels in private, I get it and that’s totally cool too. But if you don’t have the opportunity to run off and find a private place to check, then stand your ground and check right where you are and damn the torpedoes. Living with diabetes means that we do what we must in order to live our best lives, including checking our blood sugars – and no matter where or when.

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  • Degal
    1 year ago

    I want to share my experiences on 16th of October 2018 i feel a bit blurred but not taken as serious matter very next day it was a bit more and also feel dry mouth then went to laboratory for blood sugar tests and it was high blood sugar levels. I consulted endocrinologists and very first he gave me oral and insulin and aware me regarding this condition. I did all the way he told me like modification of life style diet control and exercise. Thank God within one week my sugar level controls.
    What i did just make a mind that it is nothing i can control it
    Nowadays i am checking myself morning and random check of sugar level. My advise to all those who are suffering from this problem. Keep your self happy and do what your doctor advise you.
    Good wishes and Good luck

  • Kelly Kunik author
    12 months ago

    I’m glad you’re doing better, seeing your doctor and checking your bgs!
    Keep on keeping on!

  • Samuel Taylor moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi Degal,

    We agree 100% that you should always find a good doctor and consult with them through your diabetes management. Also, we agree to keep yourself happy, because your perception is so important to staying positive and on top of your diabetes. It’s great to hear that you are doing well and I hope that things continue to go well for you. Thank you for sharing with us!

    -Samuel, Team

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