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Is It Time to Change Doctors?

My experience with type 2 diabetes led me to eventually figure out it was time to change doctors. While some are lucky enough to have a doctor they love and trust, my experience wasn't that way. Is it time to change doctors?

Learning my type 2 diabetes diagnosis

Learning about having type 2 diabetes wasn't an immediate revelation. The doctor I had at the time casually told me, as an afterthought.

I'd see her every few months and get a blood test every 3 months. She first told me I had pre-diabetes, and that was it. She did not advise on what to do as a result of pre-diabetes. Maybe she assumed I'd know. I mean, I can use Google. But isn't it the doctor's duty to help you learn about life-changing conditions?

After a few months, she told me I was diabetic, and put me on Metformin. Nothing seemed to change. I'd seen some ads about Ozempic and asked her about it. She told me we could try it (more on that in another article), and I started it.

Not getting the care I needed

Without diving into my Ozempic use too much, I had an episode at the beginning of using it where I was very sick. I called my doctor's office to ask for something the relieve nausea. The receptionist told me that the doctor said no. She said nausea was something I had to just deal with.

Deciding to change doctors

It was that day that I decided to find another doctor. Why allow a patient to suffer when it is so easy just to call in a prescription? I ended up going to urgent care because of the side effects, so that was the last straw for me.

Take control of your health and needs

Sometimes we get used to seeing a particular doctor, and it's hard to change. I get it. But if your doctor isn't giving you the best care possible, especially with something as important as diabetes care, it's time to move on.

The doctor's role is to help you, not just provide a service with no compassion. Essentially, you are paying the doctor for services, so they should be meeting your care expectations and needs without judgment or brushing off your questions and concerns.

Finding the right doctor for you is key

While I'm sure my situation is unique in some aspects, the general advice is to be sure you have the right fit in a doctor when it comes to your health. Don't feel you have to stay because it's someone you’re used to or a doctor that your family uses.

Diabetes care is essential, and your doctor needs to have the right conversations with you. You should feel you know what to do without having to research it. Sure, research is always important, but it should be in tandem with your doctor's advice.

I'm very happy with my new doctor, who listens to my concerns and has never brushed me off or said I have to "just deal with it."

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