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What is the connection between type 2 diabetes and thyroid?

I forgot to ask the doctor this. I notice on my lab requisition that the doctor has been checking my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) each time. I know the thyroid is part of the endocrine system like the pancreas. What is the connection to Type 2 Diabetes?

  1. Hi Shelley,
    Happy New Year! Let me start off my saying.... I am not an expert in the area. With that being said, it is common for those with diabetes to also have thyroid disease. According to a 2013 article from the Journal of Diabetes Research:, "Hyper- and hypothyroidism have been associated with insulin resistance which has been reported to be the major cause of impaired glucose metabolism in T2DM". I hope you find the above article helpful/informative. Take care, Meryl Krochmal, RD CDE Community Moderator.

    1. Hi Meryl! Happy New Year to you too! This article was really helpful. It explains everything and it makes sense now why the endo is monitoring. Thank you!!!!

      1. Awesome! I'm so glad you found the article helpful. Take care, Meryl

    2. Yes, i m diabetic and my tsh is 9.90

      1. Thanks for sharing - thinking of you. Best, Margot, Team

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