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Starting Type 2 Diabetes Plan

I am starting a new diet tomorrow. Can I completely cut out carbs/have a very low amount at first or should I slowly cut them out getting started?

Completely comfortable with cutting them out all at once. However, unsure if I can.

  1. Hi it can vary by person so we always recommend checking in with a doctor / dietitian / nutritionist before getting started so they can advise and help along. Some helpful info about carbs might be found here as well but does not substitute discussing with a professional! Best, Margot, Team Member

    1. I was diagnosed almost a year ago and found out quickly that most of what I thought I knew about diabetes was completely inaccurate. The best thing I ever did to start out this confusing journey was to take a diabetes workshop. It was offered at the clinic I am a patient at. It was a month long workshop/class with a nurse who specialized in diabetes. She taught us about how the body operates for diabetes, exercise, eating plans, label reading, etc. Maybe you could find something like that? It really helps take a lot of the unknown out of this diagnosis.

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