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Need snack ideas!

I need some ideas on mid-afternoon snacks that won’t sabotage my dinner but are easy to transport since I work out of my car most days. I live where it’s hot and humid in the summer. I have redistributed my calories which has helped but I still seem to need the snack because I seem to be going low. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!

  1. I stock my fridge with cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, sliced peppers, baby carrots and enjoy with dip or hummus. Also, apples, grapes, and clementines.

    1. Great ideas. I’ll have to see which ones will stay ok in the heat and humidity of my car. Sometimes even ice packs can’t keep the food cold or at least at a reasonable temp.

      1. Apple slices, mini bananas,some cherries maybe? Wait!!! Wait!!!! Some Non-Alcohol beer!!!! Ahhh, never mind Shelly. I can't stand the taste of that stuff either. I had tried some before. I used to have this teacup poodle, well she was a 'teacup' before she became a football with legs after helping me eat. 😉 But she didn't like that stuff either. She loved beer and wine. But I'd pop the top and she'd come over and smelled it and turned her back on me. Didn't want a sample of it what so ever. Can't say that I really blame her either. But let me pop the top on a real brew and she was there getting her five finger tips worth each time. Made her wait a bit before giving her another five finger tip worth. And she let me know when the 'break time' was up too. 😀

        1. I always carry a Kind Bar in my purse - Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond is my favorite. It's 170 calories, 16 gm of carbs but 7 gm of fiber. They're very filling and sometimes even just a half will carry me over to a meal. They also don't raise my glucose level - and they're delicious too! Not sure if that works for you but hopefully it does.

          1. Thanks so much for sharing beachlife! Sounds tasty. Best, Kelly, Community Moderator

          2. Thank you so much for that idea. I’ll look for that product. I have bought others but they taste like sawdust! Lol. I like getting recommendations because they are very helpful!!

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