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random drops

I am sure there are people out there that have random unexplained drops in their sugars. My sugars today I do not know what they were before eating lunch, however, with what I ate they should not have dropped like they did.
barely 2 hours after my lunch meal I went down to 3.6mmol/L which is about 60-65 mg/dl. I take 10 units of novo rapid with each meal. I rarely have drops like this. I was able to eat an apple, yogurt, and granola bar and my sugars came up to 7mmol/l(126mg/dl) but then by dinner I was 5.6.
I had soup, with bread and milk. I usually am 8 to 10 with this type of meal. So I was really surprised that I dropped that low.
I did nothing different.
In fact this time during the month, I am normally high for about a week. It through me for a loop.

  1. Appreciate you sharing your experience. Any change in physical activity or weather? Any change to your insulin? Sounds like you are very in tune with your eating and blood sugars and know what's typical for you. Best to pay extra attention for awhile and I'd encourage you to speak with your doctor, if you haven't already to determine if you may need a change to your insulin dosage or sliding scale. Best, Kelly, Community Moderator

    1. Hi Kelly, No I haven't changed anything. The weather well it's hot, cold, wet, dry. Changes frequently. The only difference is that when I am pre period, I usually am quite high the week or two leading up to when it starts. But this is not the case this time. I even hit 3.7 in church yesterday morning. I am going to wait until I actually have my period to see what happens. Normally afterwards I drop frequently for a few days after. If it doesn't follow the usual trend then I will call my Endo.
      It's strange because there are certain foods that cause me to spike even if they are whole grains and fruits. So it can be quite frustrating. But I also have learned the nature of diabetes is it is unpredictable.

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