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Protein Shake Question

After fasting check in the morning, I have a simple shake, John's Killer Protein and Silk Almond Milk. Powder shows ZERO carbs & sugars and 22 protein. Milk shows 1 carb & protein and ZERO sugar. Why does my sugar spike nearly 60 points when I check at the office 2 hours later?

  1. Hi , everyone can react differently to different ingredients and have different tolerances for amounts of them - is there anything else you can try in the morning to see if it may not spike? Thinking of you. Best, Margot, Team

    1. Hey there's some great info here: what you eat can help or hurt. Some "heathy foods" are not the best for diabetics. Hope this helps

      1. I've seen online with "whey" protein it may help with spikes if taken with a meal. I've also seen you sugar can spike if you don't eat an actual breakfast after your meds. Not sure if you're on insulin shots like myself but I take "isolate whey" powder multiple times a day and I don't seem to have issues. There's so many other things that could be affecting you like sleep and stress too. I really hope you find what you need. Maybe talk to your Dr as well.

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