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NIDDM combined with auto-immune diseases and elderly!

I am sure there are many who have comorbidities. I’ve read a ton of information on this website and it’s fabulous. It’s quite a learning curve for me b/c all the years with NIDDM my only concern was hypoglycemia which is how I came to be diagnosed. I only tested when low so now learning about how different food increases blood sugar is really blowing my mind. I had a Freestyle Libre and now have a DexcomG6.

I no longer have awareness when I go hypo and I go into the 40’s. So now I am trying put together a menu that I can follow which will keep my blood sugar under 160 post meals (per my Endo doc). If I do not eat at all, then I can stay in this area. Right now I am at 115 and I haven’t eaten in five hours. Around noon I ate 2 fried eggs and 4 oz V8 tomato juice. At 12:36 I was well over 180.

Any ideas, suggestions as to why this roller coaster is happening?
Thanks so very much.

  1. Hi @hypoalot - great question. It can really vary by person so we always recommend checking in with a doctor / dietitian / nutritionist / Certified Diabetes Educator who can try to figure everything out with you individually based on these experiences - do you have a care team you like and trust? Additionally, some of the factors that can cause these are discussed at the following pages - including an article just published about "hypoglycemia unawareness" hope this helps!


    Keep us posted - thinking of you!
    Margot, Team

    1. Thanks Margot!

      I've read all the information on the links provided.

      1. Diabetes is a chronic medical condition that needs immediate attention. thanks so much, @Margot for sharing the links. -----
        prevention is always better than cure

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