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Newly Diagnosed.

Im 56 and newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Im a nervous wreck all the time. What should I eat not eat. These medications scare me because I keep hearing how dangerous they are and that ill land up on dialysis eventually. Im not sleeping right always wake up about three in the morning. My doctor is pleased with my progress. But I cant help but feel this will eventually do me in. Are these medications dangerous to take? My doctor said its too early for insulin which I would rather be on.

  1. , welcome! A new diagnosis can be very nerve-wracking. I think a lot of people can relate. There is a large learning curve. As you'll come to understand, everyone's experiences may differ. Have you spoken with your doctor about your concerns with medication side effects already? Many people have found success in using diabetes medications, but of course, everyone is different. And kidney complications are definitely serious. Having regular conversations about your kidney health with your doctor can be helpful. Learning more about kidney function tests may also help understand where your levels are and if the medication you're taking is right for you.

    Some people are able to manage through diet/exercise alone, so of course, speak with your doctor before any major management changes, but that's a potential area to explore if you're particularly concerned about medications.

    I'm passing along some links that you may find helpful!

    Foods, which may be used as a jumping-off point:


    I hope this may help.

    Minel (Team Member)

    1. Hello , This is very scary. Trust me, I understand. Just work closely with your doctor. This is not easy, but you can do it. My husband was diagnosed with T2D and he was put on insulin right away, but I take pills. The crazy part is that my husband is at his target weight and lifts weights. As , we are all so different and our journeys go all different ways. I have to see a kidney doctor, but my husband doesn't. I don't get it, but I do want the doctor tells me to do and follow his lead. I'm glad you are here. We are all in this together. Diane (Team Member)

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