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Need support..

I’m very stressed with my diabetes, I really hate diabetes, it causes me so much stress. When first diagnosed I was really scared, I lost weight stuck to a strict diet, did a lot of walking didn’t go on medications wanted to do this all by diet and exercise. This was nine years ago. I was so scared I didn’t want my husband to go anywhere in case I got a low. The extreme fear came from going to the diabetes classes when they told us all what could happen, and one was if you get a low you could go into a coma. I’m Type 2 by the way, forgot to mention this. So I ended up with really bad anxiety after hearing all this, and so much fear. I was put on anti anxiety medication and antidepressants, the side effects were terrible, my eyes felt weird and couldn’t sleeping,both meds made me feel groggy to during the day, I was more stressed because of the side effects, then put on a sleeping pill, but these were side effects from the meds. I tried to wean off the antidepressant but the withdrawals were horrible so went back on the dose I was on,doc said to take all meds at night. So I did but could not sleep, that’s when I was given a sleeping pills. This was nine years ago and now been off the sleeping pill for years now and now can’t sleep this has been going on for about six years. This is how diabetes has effected my life. Stress anxiety, and sleepless nights, and depression.
Have any of you experienced all this, is anyone else on medication for depression and anxiety because of there diabetes? Or is this burnout.

  1. Appreciate you sharing your story and reaching out. You have certainly been through so much. You are not alone here. Studies have shown that people with type 2 diabetes are approximately 25% more likely to be diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and 50% more likely to experience anxiety symptoms than their non-diabetic counterparts. I'd encourage you to reach out to your doctor about any questions, concerns or for a referral to some mental health support. In addition to speaking with your doctor, these articles may be helpful: and Wishing you some relief ahead. Best, Kelly, Community Moderator

    1. In my case, T2D led me to burnout which led to depression which led to increased sugar levels which led to more depression which led to... a feedback loop that I can break - and you can, too! Once I realized I was partially the cause of my own disease I decided it is not going to beat me. I am fighting back by just going back to being myself. All the drugs and therapies in the world won't rid us of this, but overcoming it with the inner strength we all have within us can certainly slow it down. I am going to beat this into remission and that's all there is to that! Hope you can, too.

      1. hello , I honestly feel your pain. My mom went into a diabetic coma at age 37 and died. I was 19. When I got T2D, my anxiety was through the roof and I got depressed. The only thing in my mind was that this was it for me. I had so many family members in the past 4 decades that are no longer with us because of diabetes. My doctors put me on so many medications, that it was scary. One day I just said, you have got to get yourself together. I had to talk with a professional, eat right, and exercise. As said, I made up my mind not to let this defeat me and I haven't. We are all in this together. Diane (Team Member)

        1. its scary. I’ve been there and quite frankly still there. Last night I had a panic attack and cried a bit. My anxiety has been severe lately and I’ve developed medical anxiety. I got anxiety medication but haven’t been taking them. I wish I had the magic words to relieve your Anxiety but I probably don’t. I found reading weight loss success stories and positive stories really helped me look towards a happy future

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