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Do any of you have anxiety from having diabetes?

  1. , thanks for your question. I hope others will chime in to share their experiences. I think there can be many people who have anxiety from diabetes for all sorts of different reasons. You may also be interested in these articles,,, & Please know that you are not alone. Thinking of you, Minel (Team Member)

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that has anxiety and depression. Good for you losing 13 pounds, that’s awsome. I lost all the weight I don’t think I can lose anymore it’s just hard to maintain it. I found when I first lost weight I was so hungry but not so much now. Can I ask what medication you take for your depression, Im having a hard time with the one I’m on.

    2. That’s when my anxiety and depression surfaced was when first diagnosed, then my mom died it’s hard to tell if it’s depression or grief.

  2. Oh, I just thought after I wrote my initial comment that this article by , may also be relevant: Warmly, Minel (Team Member)

    1. yes I do

      1. How do you cope with your anxiety, do you get counselling, take medication for anxiety, I also have anxiety and depression from having diabetes.

      2. I understand the anxiety around diabetes, it’s a worry, I worry from time to time, there’s not much support for the emotional side of diabetes, my doctor was okay with the medical side but not with the stress, anxiety part, he did give me anxiety medication but the stop working after a while, my anxiety went into depression to, I’m taking antidepressants but they cause me side effects, the anxiety medication does help in the beginning but people build a tolerance to these meds, and there’s withdrawl to get off them, I couldn’t do it because of the withdrawl, so I’m kind of stuck on this med. My doctor retired and no one to replace him as of yet. That in it self has caused me great stress. What eases my anxiety is getting out of the house, go to the mall, and other shops with a mask on. I sympathize with you, also you do grieve diabetes, the foods you can’t eat anymore, the life change you miss the old life you had before diabetes, the freedom you had before diabetes, I know I sure did and it comes in goes doesn’t just happen when your first diagnosed, I wished so many times I could turn back time. Plus I’m going through lots of other grief from loved ones passing. It’s been a very difficult time, and it very hard to manage diabetes when you have so much stress that comes with grief. Also I was going to suggest counselling I see a counsellor and it helps to get your feelings out. She’s helped a lot . Also at your local hospital they might offer anxiety groups, look into that to. I hope things get better for you, sending you a hug.

    2. Having diabetes causes me to be somewhat anxious, though depression plagues me a lot more.

      1. I just don’t get that there isn’t more support for people living with diabetes and the anxiety and depression that some get, I was hospitalized with my depression and anxiety, even in the psychiatric ward there wasn’t really any support, I was treated not so well in there, they down played that my anxiety and depression must be from something else, never had it before until I was diagnosed with diabetes, is it because they think we caused our diabetes, or they are just not aware that this really happens with some people with diabetes and goes unnoticed, I was so anxious and my blood sugars were fine it’s just a scary disease and very overwhelming living with this everyday, people who don’t have it don’t care and really just don’t understand our daily life. It’s a burden and a lonely disease you miss out on so many social events because you can’t eat what others are eating. It really angers me how doctors to treat people with diabetes, they think it’s a walk in the park, they get mad if your not skinny or you gained a few pounds or they blame you, diabetes is such an unpredictable disease, and if you are under a lot of stress and can’t sleep they hand you a sleeping pill, that is not the answer. There needs more patience and understanding in the medical system. And with family members who show no compassion and extra TLC. I almost ended my life because of this horrible disease. I still get anxiety, I have absolutely no support and it’s been 10 years, and still suffer, our system is very flawed. The antidepressant I take is sedating. I still smoke because of the stress of this disease, I don’t think I will ever be able to quit. The diabetes classes scared me even more, I miss my old life more than ever, and miss my mom terribly she was my rock through this she would listen to me cry having this disease, it’s to restrictive and demanding every friggin day. There needs way more support or there wouldn’t be people with anxiety and depression, there needs restraunts where they make food for people with food restrictions so you can go out to eat and enjoy and feel relaxed. I’m tired of cooking and figure out what to eat meal. And when you go out to eat and you can only eat salads on the menu, I’m so sick of salads. And the whole diet period. I like my sweets to once in a while and I just love food period. Anyways that’s my rant.

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