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Misconceptions / Coping

The narratives, myths, stereotypes, and misconceptions about Type2. Happens to much , it very irritating and frustrating to have people make comparisons, judge , and be mis informed. Trust me it doesn’t help in raising awareness and it certainly doesn’t help to battle or fight against the disease and yes Type2 is a disease.

  1. Yes, you got that right, there is no real support in my community, my family didn’t get it either what you go through every damn day. Then to deal with all the crap from others. And doctors think it’s a walk in the park, it’s damn hard. The emotional, the physical, the mental, it’s hard on your whole body and well being. My doctor was not very understanding at all when I came in to his office one day when I was about a month into this journey, I broke into tears I was so overwhelmed with everything to do with diabetes, and he put me on antidepressants, but I swear it was the stress of this disease, and that was nine years ago, and still on antidepressants because there damn hard to get off of. And the side effects are awful. Yes I was a wreck when I went to see him, but I dont think I needed antidepressants, I needed a listening ear. I was also pretty scared that I would get complications. And when I went to the classes, I was more a wreck, the dos and don’ts of diabetes was enough to stress you out, how on earth do you have a life with this awful disease, I was thinking after these classes, the one thing they should of had in these classes was a psychologist who just deals with diabetes, like the one on YouTube I forget his name, but just type in the Emotional side of Type 2 diabetes and his video should come up. I feel for all people who have this disease, Type 2 and Type 1 I truely GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I don’t think people really understand what Diabetes really is and the long term affects. It has on a person physically, mentally and emotionally. As far as doctors go , it’s very hard to treat something they don’t know about. They only have the information based off stereotypes and misinformation. It’s very disappointing that this is the case because, Having any Diabetes is a 24/7 job , it’s life changing whether you like it or not. .

  2. Yes your so right, and when you have other things going on in your life that are stressful like my mom dieing of cancer six years ago it affected me till this day, and my diabetes hasn’t been the same, it’s more harder to manage when your grieving and also the misconceptions about grief are horrible in society, I was devastated when my mom died, they don’t get all you go through the grief doesn’t go away it’s with you forever, and the turmoil your body goes through when someone you love dies. I’m so upset with all healthcare providers, they just want to shove another pill down your throat, instead of being there for you. My doctor did this when I was diagnosed with diabetes he put me on damn antidepressants that are so hard to get off of. We have had so many deaths in our family it’s to much. I sleep but at the wrong times, I’m up all night worried and stressed from all the things that have happened, even when I was first going through the diabetes stress when first diagnosed I didn’t sleep, I was so scared when I found out my doctor didn’t get that part, you don’t need to be scared he said, what the hell Ive been told I have diabetes didn’t know what I was doing in regards to diet or anything. He wasn’t very good at this at all. He said excercise, no sugary foods, well there’s more to it than that! I was a wreck a few weeks later. I tell ya my life has been a rollercoaster of stress in past nine years, and no real support, after my mom died three years later my husbands brother died by suicide that was awful. Then my stepdad died of sepsis. And now my husbands other brother has cancer that has come back, and a friend of ours has cancer to. My son has drug addiction and has relapsed and is in rehab. It’s been hell, we’re going through all this by ourselves, my husband was diagnosed with diabetes to last year. And all this Covid stuff is getting me mad. We’re all vaccinated and boosters, but still not feeling comfortable to be around anyone, which makes everything worse not being to have people to support us. My doctor isn’t having his patients come in only by phone still, and he is only in his office in the early morning if I need to talk, well I sleep in, because I’m up most of the night stressed.
    Sorry to dump this all on you but it sure is nice to get it out. Trying to work around the day to day stuff you have to do with diabetes, and doctors don’t accomedate that at all I like my appointments in the later part of the day because of sleep issues and diabetes management. I’m at my wits end with stress. The healthcare system sucks big time here. I here everything you have said. There needs drastic changes for people with diabetes, there needs way more understand and education among doctors. There’s not much time to in our day to enjoy the fun things in life, with this disease, and family who don’t work around our schedules. I get quite fed up with explaining, to them. No I can’t just up and do things on the fly anymore, I have a schedule of eating which is all screwed up now, with my sleep issues, and testing blood which I haven’t been doing like I’m suppose to, and I’m not on medication because I’m doing it by diet which also hasn’t been the greatest but okay, I chose to do it by diet because of all the side efffects that I wouldn’t be able to tolerate. There’s so much more I could tell you about back issues,medication issues meaning antidepressants, anti anxiety medication, there’s more to my story. I’m glad I found you on here because I think we feel the same way about diabetes and all the ups and downs of it. Well I rambled enough, talk again. Hang in the fight!

    1. No it’s not a dump at all . I get it. It’s definitely scary a lot sometimes. Just hoping your doing everything correctly and managing it as best that you can . The balance plays the biggest part in mental health and definitely having a good support system makes a world of difference. Whether it’s a group support or something else . Any support is good support. It’s good to be able to talk to like minded individuals that share the same things with you . It’s just so much to managing Diabetes there’s not enough hours or time in a day that we can share with non-diabetics.

      1. That you are somehow a weak willed person

        1. It can be maddening when people are so ignorant, . Do the people closest to you have a better understanding of your diabetes? Sending the best of wishes your way. - Lori (Team Member)

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