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Medical Bracelet

I have a question.I have a medical alert bracelet but will be needing to get a new one. I've read on some Metformin directions to make sure if taking that it is listed on the medical alert bracelet. Has anyone heard anything on this? Reason I'm asking is that I'm thinking on adding it to the bracelet as well as adjusting other information for the new bracelet. Was just curious if anyone else has noticed this or not.

  1. That is a good question. One of the reasons Metformin is listed is in case you need x-rays or special imaging studies that require IV contrast or dye use. Dye use with Metformin on board can cause kidney damage. Trinette Stanford, Community Moderator

    1. That's interesting, it is certainly in my records that I take Metformin and I've had multiple CTs and one MRI with dye and no one mentioned that.

      1. , thanks for sharing your experiences! It never hurts to mention it just in case if you have concerns with your doctor. I looked into it more and seems like for small volumes of contrast, patients with normal renal function taking metformin may not require any changes in care: It seems like metformin is often stopped when using contrast when kidney function is lower. Hope this helps! Best, Minel (Team Member)

    2. Thanks, yes my kidneys are so far doing fine however I have a friend just starting dialysis so I was reading up on it and I don't ever want to go there! so... I have a CT scheduled next week and I may just skip the metformin for a day.

      1. Hi , thanks for sharing your experiences. It can be a lot to see the impact of dialysis on someone's life. It's good that you're keeping kidney health forefront of your mind. We do suggest speaking with your doctor first before making changes to your management plan. Hope your CT goes well next week! Warmly, Minel (Team Member)

    3. name, medication, type 2 diabetic

      1. Actually, I personally only address the diabetes.

      2. Hello , Thanks for replying. I get it now. Diane (Team Member)

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