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Just diagnosed yesterday

Hello all, my name is Sandy im 54 and was just diagnosed yesterday with type 2 . This is all new to me and slightly scary. Just had bloodwork done and A1C was 7.7. Doc started me on Metaformin. If anyone has any advise for me I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks again.

  1. I was just diagnosed yesterday, 3/3. I haven't seen my doctor yet, but they mentioned Metformin. Not excited about medication. Keep my posted on your progress.

    1. Good luck! Im 2 days into the metaformin so far diarrhea and aweful sounds coming from my stomach, but was told to expect it till my body adjusts.. My sugar went from 233 tuesday to 155 this morning so its working. Welcome to the club! Although its a club id rather not be in.

    2. That is a better club than the opposite. I pray for your good health.

  2. welcome to our forum! We are glad to have you here, but sorry about your diagnosis. Many people have success on metformin, but it does have the side effect of diarrhea/loose stools and sometimes stomach issues. I personally was not able to tolerate it and my doctor switched me to a different medication that I'm able to tolerate much better. Good luck and, again, welcome. ~Liz, Moderator

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