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intermediate fasting

Hi all, I am new to the forum and am glad I joined. I've had diabetes for years now and am taking some meds for it. I am overweight and am looking to lose some of it. Came across this intermediate fasting . 16/8. Fast for 16 hours and eat within the 8 hours. Sleep 8 hours. Get up and fast for 8 hours, no breakfast with only coffee and lots of water . At 12pm eat a healthy lunch, at 3pm eat a healthy snack and around 6-7pm eat a light healthy dinner and nothing the rest of the night. My question to anyone that would know about this type of eating, am I doing the right thing or I'm going at it the wrong way? Thank you in advance.

  1. Welcome to our community! I'd encourage you to speak with your doctor about your questions and if Intermittent fasting may be helpful for you and your unique health history. Many people find it very helpful but it's also not for everyone. I generally helps restrict overall calories which can help promote weight loss. In addition to speaking with your doctor, this article may be helpful: Please reach out with any questions. Best, Kelly, Community Moderator

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