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I'm 21 year's old guy has 2 diabetes and got covid

Hello, my name is Josh and I'm living with 2 diabetes since I was 16. This is the first forum that I register to. And I don't know how to express my thought's clearly.

Now I think it's the time I'm comfortable can talk about my condition and don't be ashamed of myself.

So all my family has diabetes my father my mother, and my grandfathers, and my great grandfather. everybody from my family has diabetes.

When I was born I was healthy I didn't suffer from this disease, but when I got older doctors to diagnose me with diabetes. That day was the sades in my life. I was literary crying inside my bedroom for hours because I was sad and I knew that I can't drink anymore a lot of soda, no more delicious cakes, and other candy. I knew that eventually I will have that disease but I didn't know that it came when I would be that young.

My parents always teach me how to eat healthier. How to make and choose food that was suitable for diabetes, and always told me that every human body is different what suits you doesn't mean it suits everyone in the family.

When I was going to school some kind was bulling me, making fun out of me, calling rude names. High school was a nightmare for me, bet that hard yes made my soul strong and after graduating and joining college I had the best years of my life before covid-19 arrived.

In 2021-01-10 I got covid-19, and that was really hard. I was living alone in my apartment. I couldn't speak couldn't think. I was like a vegetable. Getting food and insulin was a daily challenge for me. One day I thought I'm going to die and this is my last hour. Every day in my mind was zero positive thought. I was giving up, but my doctor never gave up. Two times a day she called me and asked me how I felt that moment and if there were bad moments. Sometimes she reminds me when I need to take an insulin shot. My doctor is a hero, She sacrifices her own time to call me and asked how I felt. If I had another doctor I think I would be dead.
Thank you.
I think for the first time is enough.
P.S English isn't my native language. So sorry for the mistakes I made.

  1. - Hi Josh - Welcome to the community! Thank you so much for opening up and sharing your story. I'm happy to hear you're feeling more comfortable speaking about your diagnosis and your struggles. We are definitely here to support you! Accepting a diabetes diagnosis can be very difficult. If we can help you find any specific information about healthy eating, treatment options, etc, please let us know. I'm sorry to hear about your COVID experience - that sounds very scary. I'm so glad you're doing better now. Your doctor sounds absolutely amazing!! Please keep in touch and let us know how you're doing! - Kelsey, team member

    1. Thank you also for continuously empowering us here to keep g

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