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Hot Cool Hot

Has anyone tried cooking pasta or rice, then refrigerate, then reheat to very hot and eat? Supposedly some of the carbs are converted to resistant starch. How did it affect blood sugar?

  1. I have not heard about this. Cold pasta is great, in my opinion.

    1. interesting! I had not heard about this before either. If someone has tried this, I hope they're able to chime in. I did see that an advocate mentioned in an article that cooking pasta al dente has higher resistant starch, which requires more energy to digest and helps maintain glucose control. Here's the article if you're interested: It's likely that everyone's experiences may vary.

      If you see a dietician or certified diabetes educator, maybe a good question to ask them! Please keep us in the loop if you do try or find out more.

      Minel (Team member)

      1. I do this all the time now but haven’t carried out an experiment to see if it works. It’s easier to measure out the two tablespoons of cooked rice I’m allowed and then freeze individual portions. I do it with pasta, too, mainly because I hate wholemeal pasta and brown rice. Freezing bread is supposed to help, too.

        1. – Neat! That might be an interesting experiment sometime for you or others to try. It's a good idea to meal prep/freeze those items to store for later. I've personally never had rice or pasta that's been frozen, does it change the texture at all? Thanks for sharing your experiences. ~Minel (Team Member)

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