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Grocery Shopping with Diabetes

Hi everyone! Since the beginning of the pandemic, my family switched to online grocery shopping and I've been struggling to do this as I usually have to look at nutrition labels before buying anything and they're not always accessible online. Also, I've found it much more difficult to branch out and find new products, so I end up purchasing the same products over and over. I've been trying to find or possibly develop a solution for this, so I have a few questions for both those with similar and with completely different experiences:
- What have been your experiences with grocery shopping with diabetes (in person and online)
- Do you have any tips or maybe apps you use for someone with diabetes who shops online for groceries? What would you want to see in an app to help with this?
Any and all responses would be super appreciated!

  1. I've actually had the opposite experience with online shopping. I actually wrote an article about it and I will share the link below, but first, I'll respond to some of your specific questions. I will also note that I had been using online shopping for about 4 years now, long before the pandemic. It has been a saving grace for me on a number of levels.

    I typically use regular Amazon, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Whole Foods, or Instacart for the bulk of my groceries. I sometimes used Boxed for bulk items. I know lots who have had good experiences with Shipt also.

    If the nutrition information is not on the site I'm shopping on, I will do a quick Google search of the item with the words "nutritional facts" to get the information needed.

    I like variety so I rarely get the same things every single time I shop unless they are on my favorites. To find new things, I will just do searches using keywords, like "keto," "low carb," "diabetic-friendly" or I will have a specific type of food or cuisine I want and then look for the healthiest version of that.

    I am quite adventurous when it comes to food. I like variety and trying new things. Due to other health issues (diabetes is a secondary issue that developed due to other problems I have been experiencing), I do not have the energy to do a whole lot of cooking and food prep so a lot of things I plan on eating raw or planning on microwaving. I also utilize, the Recipe section on this site (, and other health-related recipe websites that I subscribe to for ideas of ingredients and dishes to have and look for those items.

    I hope some of these things help you in moving forward. ~Liz, Moderator

    1. Thank you so much for your reply! It was great to hear your input.

  2. I’ve also had very positive experiences with online shopping. It takes some time to research nutritional information on some of the products but there are some grocery stores who have been able to provide some of that information.

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