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Getting help

I went two years having blood sugar nos. above 200. I finally said-please refer me to an endocrinologist. Luckily I had found a wonderful specialist who had an in-house dietician. She said that all the other drs. were overdosing my insulin and I had become “insulin intolerant”. Within a week she had my levels normal and gave me a workable plan as I worked with the dietician. The high levels caused health issues (neuropathy and kidney issues) but at least I have a plan with a positive outlook. Don’t be afraid to do the research needed to find the best care.

  1. Hi . I see you are new here. Welcome to the community! How awesome that you advocated for yourself and turned things around. Dieticians can be such an important part of the health care team for diabetics. I am glad you found someone who was really able to help. Did you have to make drastic dietary changes or were they fairly easy to incorporate? Thanks for sharing what helps. Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

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