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How do you protect your eyesight alongside diabetes?

  1. Yes it can. My optometrist showed me the scan of an eye with changes in the blood vessels from diabetes. He then showed me my eye scan and explained how keeping my diabetes under control had helped to prevent those changes. I'm always amazed at how much power I have to slow the progression of T2D. I don't want to lose my eyesight!

    1. I have to go every year to have eyes checked on. I wind up getting new glasses each time due to each year they go blurry again and my distances are bad. If I take glasses off everything is fuzzy.
      The eye doctor teases me each year about how they get me to see better with new glasses and then the next year we're starting all over. She's keeping eye on my cataracts and everything else at same time. Tells me I'm doing good in the control so far but it's a big pain doing so as everyone here knows.

      1. I see my ophthalmologist twice a year and use moisture eye drops daily.

        1. , Those are great tips. Do you use a certain brand of eye drops or are they prescribed by your ophthalmologist?
          Gabby (team member)

      2. Systane. 3 to a pack at Costco. They are wonderful.

        1. I saw my ophthamologist three times last year. I have used Systane for three years! Doing great!

        2. Hi . I use Systane as well for dry eye. Definitely helpful! I am glad to hear they work for you as well. Warm wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

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