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I had one kidney removed because of cancer and have a tumor on remaining one with a GFR of 16 and a creatinine level of 3.97. I have chronic back problems and also have a Medtronics implant in my spine that works about 50 t0 60 % I weigh 340 and need to get to 310 to be concidered for transplant but being diabetic it is very hard even though I have pretty good control of my blood sugars my A1C is 6.2 and it took me many years to get to that level. Also had a TIA a few months back but overall I feel fine but don't excercise much

  1. Back problems 60+ years diabetes 35+ years

    1. Appreciate you sharing with us. First off, great work getting your blood glucose under good control! That's a huge accomplishment. Is exercise something you are able to safely do? I'm sure your back pain limits your physical activity some. Are you able to try some modified exercise or perhaps something low impact like swimming or walking in the pool? I'd encourage you to speak with your doctor and perhaps ask about a referral to physical therapy to safely get more activity in and also speak with a registered dietitian, who can assist with specific nutrition recommendations. Wishing you the best, Kelly, Community Moderator

      1. thanks for sharing your story with us

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