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Can I soak my dry feet?

My feet are extremely dry and cracked and I got some Epsom salts and listening to soak them in. It really works but I have read that D’s should not soak feet. My feet never sweat which is probably why they are dry.

  1. Hi , you are correct that soaking is not recommended for those with diabetes as it can make them more prone to infection. Have you spoken to your doctor or a podiatrist about possible options to help with your dryness? Other recommendations for foot care can be found here as well: Thinking of you - please do keep us updated if you would like to. Best, Margot, Team Member

    1. The BBC eat location I have found to help w/dry skin is Gold Bond for diabetics. It rocks

      1. Sorrbi meant to say the best loation

    2. Gold Bond lotion for diabetics is good but I use Dove lotion for my feet and ankles.

      1. I always dry my feet really well after bathing then use a lotion for diabetics and put socks on for the night.

        1. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you have a great routine. Best, Kelly, Community moderator

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