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I’ve been pre-diabetic for quite a while and possibly slipped over the top once or twice but I’ve never had any medication. ive had several bouts of vomiting/diarrhea ,always after going to bed feeling fine, then waking up feeling terrible with diarrhea and sometimes accompanied by vomiting. Quite often it’s come after a meal out (with either one or two beers).it lasts for 3-4 hrs and then I’m fine. Advanced practitioner doesn’t think it is diabetes related and more likely an intolerance. Meals I’ve had have been different, different restaurants (different country one time). Has anyone had anything similar ?

  1. Hi Ian, thanks for asking your question here. I hope that you understand that we cannot give medical advice here. However, I am inclined to agree with your nurse practitioner. Are you concerned that your blood sugar is too high or too low and causing the nausea/vomiting? If you are having concerns about your blood sugar levels, have you had your A1C checked recently? This can give you an overall look at your blood sugar levels. Just a thought. All the best, Lauren (team member)

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