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Diabetic Retinopathy

I am wondering if any of you have been diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy. I have been diabetic for over 10 years, however was not informed until a few years later. I take 750 mg of metformin daily. I am usually good about my diet, but with Covid, a fractured pelvis, and some other family issues, I fell off the wagon. Please don't be snarky to me, I have already beat myself up. I am very scared about what is going on with my eyes. They are very blurry. I used my husband's amsler grid the other day, he has macular degeneration, and saw an area that was whited out. I fear that I have retinopathy or macular degeneration. If any of you have been diagnosed with retinopathy, would you be willing to share your symptoms and treatment? I do have an opthamology appointment tomorrow. Thanks in advance.

  1. Thanks for sharing with us, I saw your other post as well. Appreciate you sharing so honestly. This is a safe place to share and you are not alone here at all. So glad to hear that you have an appointment set up. Be sure to share with your doctor about your symptoms and how long it's been going on. Also speak with your Diabetes doctor as you medications may need to be adjusted. Wishing you the best, Kelly, Community Moderator

    1. Hi Kelly.Thank you so much for commenting. i saw the retina specialist and there is no evidence of dianetic retinopathy or AMD. I am much relieved. She did find a wrinkle in my retina that is common in older people. If it gets bad enough there is surgery but it does not need that yet.

    2. , thank you so much for sharing an update on how your appointment went. I am glad to hear that you don't have any evidence of diabetic retinopathy or AMD. Is there anything you can do for the blurry vision (beyond surgery) or do you just have to live with it for now? Hopefully, it won't get worse. Best, Minel (Team Member)

  2. , Hi Susan. I had an accident early this year, a severe fall resulted in a broken shoulder that could not be set, it had to heal on its own. The pain was awful, I went to bed and did not take my medications, eat properly was unable to function. During those first 2 or 3 weeks I ended up in KetoAcidosis, half out of my mind, half comatose, the end result added Diabetic retinopathy to the mix. When I was released from the hospital I realized my sight was 'off' and immediately sought out my ophthalmologist who referred me to a retinologist. I have been undergoing a series of treatments, injections in the left eye every few weeks. I'm seeing better, the amsler grid is clearing for me and my sight is returning to the normal levels I had prior to the fall.
    If this is your treatment protocol, or if they Rx an different road, I hope that you have the same results. I see the retinologist in 2 weeks, I'm hoping the treatment phase is is not an enjoyable experience.
    How did your appointment go?
    Good Luck to you, Susan76. You are in my prayers.

    1. thanks so much for sharing about your own experience and kind words. Glad to hear that your sight is returning to normal levels! Thanks for being a part of our community. -Ashlen, community moderator

  3. We asked this question to our Facebook community, before seeing the update. In case anyone else is interested, some community members shared their experiences here: Best, Minel (Team Member)

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