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Diabetes, Psoriasis, And Itchy Skin

We have these diseases that keep on giving. I have been having the worst itch ever. I am scratching holes in my skin.

I spoke to my healthcare team, but they can't pin down the itch. I was told to keep my psoriasis under control and my type 2 diabetes. I was given some cream that is not helping much.

Have you ever experienced anything like this before? If so, what paths have you taken? Any tips would be helpful.

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  1. I had T2D, high blood pressure, chronic gout attacks and chronic eczema.

    All went away or into remission with a very low carb diet (ketogenic or under 20g carbs per day). and practicing intermittent fasting.

    Life is good being disease free but I have to maintain vigilance. One reason why I come to these forums.

    1. We are glad you found us, . It is people like you who make this such a supportive and welcoming place. Thanks for sharing what helps. - Lori (Team Member)

  2. When mine gets bad I put a lidocaine patch or gel on it. Just for some relief. I also find ointment instead of cream helps. Cover with t-shirt weight clothing when possible. I try to stick to all cotton clothing, socks and gloves. I wear cotton gloves all the time when I'm itchy. Coolish bath and a soft cloth rub down helps me too. My doctor is a "whatever works" kind of guy. Keep your A1-C down, low carb and lots of veggies. HYDRATE!!! Good Luck!

    1. Hello , What you said brought back memories. I remember over 30 years ago when my mom's skin was itching like crazy. She couldn't afford cotton gloves, so the doctor told her to put cotton socks on her hands. I guess these things do work.

      I loved a nice cool shower to calm my skin down. Your doctor has the right attitude. If it works - do it.

      What do you do to make your veggies taste good? I like veggies, but by the time I am done with them, they are no longer healthy. Thanks for sharing some great information.

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