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Diabetes problems

I took metamorfin and it caused me a lot problems,diarrhea, weakness,pain.My liver is also in the problem.Doctor said it wont affect it and it will be good, but I still have dry mouth and urge to drink a lot of liquid.I quited of metamorfin, it caused me problem.I tried cinnamom, it helped, but its not cure.I tried fenugreek, it helped with metabolism, but cant take it everyday.The worst of them of all is gynema, it affects liver and its toxic.I cant believe people call it cure, when its toxic.Cumin seed oil helps with liver.So can anybody help with advice?What to take?Is there better way to treat diabetes?

  1. Weight loss, Healthy eating, Regular exercise. Possibly, diabetes medication or insulin therapy. Blood sugar monitoring by far is the way to manage and treat Diabetes.

    1. Yes I agree, diet is the most important.

  2. Hi ,

    How frustrating to have had that reaction to metformin. Did your doctor recommend something else to try after you stopped metformin? We cannot offer medical advice online, but your doctor/care team should be able to help you figure out your next steps. It's important to keep them updated about any supplements you are trying as well, as they can interact or cause reactions as well. Some more information on treatments and natural therapies can be found here: and here :

    As Ecumbroc mentions, these lifestyle changes and possible medication can really help.

    Margot, Team

    1. Love thgis informative article you posted!

    2. Indeed that is very helpful. Appreciate it much as well.

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    1. What about the timing of the metformin dose with respect to the meal?

      1. what I meant was too close together, not enough of an interval between doses.

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