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Diabetes Distress

Diabetes Distress
Everyone in their lifetime has suffered or experienced some form or “feeling” of distress. For people suffering with Diabetes distress is a common notion. Diabetes Distress is all the anxiety ,worry and fear people with Diabetes has to live with .It affects people of all ages, nationalities, races ethnicities, economic, social, religious and cultural backgrounds.
What causes Diabetes Distress?
For most patients living with diabetes, everyday life can be a challenge. Accepting the fact that you have a life-long disorder can be a bitter pill to swallow .Sudden demands of change of lifestyle can be overwhelming; in fact your whole life from now on has to evolve around Diabetes. Patients naturally feel and express feelings of denial, uncertainty, anxiety regret, anger, and disappointment. This domino effect of negative feelings and emotions can cause emotional distress which can leads to patient inclining to more serious conditions such as depression .

  1. thanks for sharing. Mental health is very important to take care of, especially when living with the stresses of diabetes management. Do you do anything helpful to manage those stressors?

    For anyone interested, we also have a lot of articles about the emotional complications of diabetes here:

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