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Covid, diabetes and painkillers

Covid, diabetes and painkillers

can anyone tell me /explain me what to take for high temperature when you have a diabetes with Covid and high temperatures?

I am trying to find out to know it, however contacted the different painkillers providers (they tell to contact doctors) , infoline (they tell you to contact GP), Gp doesnt seem to know it

so after weeks of investigations simply I don't know

what to take for high temperatures when you have covid
what to take for high temperature normally
what painkillers to take for pains like tooth etc
there are many contradicting info online, some you cant take ibuprofen some you can only take it

so I would like you to share your knowledge and experience thanks a lot

  1. Hi , thanks for your question. Sorry for this roundabout game of telephone from one source to another 🙁 Unfortunately, because our team is non-clinical, we also are unable to give medical advice, beyond talking with your doctor since they know your medical history the best (as well as talking with your dentist about tooth pain). Just looking through the site, there are some people with diabetes who have taken ibuprofen (non-COVID related): But everyone's situation can be different.

    You've likely already seen it, but these are the guidelines given by the CDC:, who also recommend you speak with your doctor, under the Helpful Tips heading.

    Minel (Team Member)

    1. I agree with Minel, we can't give you any medical advice, just some personal experience.

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