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Concerns About Partner's Diabetes History and Genetic Risk

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum, and I'm reaching out for advice and guidance regarding a situation in my life that's causing me a great deal of concern.

I've recently started a relationship with a wonderful woman who means the world to me. We're both in our thirties—she's 30, and I'm 36—and we've been together for about two months. Our relationship is going really well, and we're deeply in love with each other.

However, there's a significant aspect of her medical history that's weighing heavily on both of us. My girlfriend has a family history of diabetes, which has understandably made her worried about her own health. Her father passed away from diabetes when she was only four years old, and her elder sister has been dealing with high blood sugar levels since she turned 30. Recently, her sister's sugar levels spiked to 350, and she was also diagnosed with aggressive cancer.

Given this family history, my girlfriend is understandably concerned about the possibility of inheriting diabetes. She's worried about her future health and the potential complications that come with living with diabetes. This has been a source of stress for both of us, especially as we discuss our future together.

I'm here seeking advice on a few fronts. Firstly, I'm worried about her chances of developing diabetes given her family history. Is there a way to assess her risk more accurately? Does genetic testing play a role in determining her likelihood of developing the condition?

Additionally, I'm concerned about how to support her in making healthy lifestyle choices. She's resistant to exercise, despite its importance in managing diabetes and overall health. How can I encourage her to prioritize her health without causing tension in our relationship?

Lastly, her worries about passing on diabetes to our future children and experiencing complications during pregnancy have led to doubts about our future together. I still want to have children, but I also want to support her in navigating these concerns.

I would greatly appreciate any insights, advice, or personal experiences that you could share. Thank you all in advance for your help and support.

  1. Hi there and welcome to this community! I hope that you find it to be warm and welcoming. Congratulations to you on finding a deep love and connection, how wonderful for the both of you! I'm linking an article from our website that I hope that you will find helpful. The author details the genetic and family piece of diabetes. Please follow up and let us know what you think! -Lauren (team member)

    1. Hi . Welcome! I can see why you are so concerned. These are issues that might impact the way you live your life together should you decide to commit to each other permanently. My colleague, Lauren, shared a wonderful article with you about genetics. I wonder if it might also be wise to visit an endocrinologist together to discusss risk and prevention, and to maybe consider couples counseling. Couples can successfully navigate type 2 diabetes by supporting each other and living in ways that prevent the onset of diabetes. They can also work together to properly treat diabetes should one partner develop it. You will find lots and lots and lots of people in this community who have familes and who are living life fully. It seems that diabetes is a greater obstacle in your relationship than it should be. Has your girlfriend ever discussed her fears with a therapist or counselor? Wishing you both the best. - Lori (Team Member)

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