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Changing the way medicine approaches diabetes and metabolic syndrome

Hi, I'm a Physician Assistant practicing medicine in general practice.
I'm often frustrated by the focus on the pharmaceutical side of medicine.
In medical training the concept of diet and exercise is far removed from our education. If it wasn't for my background studying Exercise Science and working in personal training and my own study of nutrition I would have no knowledge of lifestyle modification necessary for metabolic syndrome and DMII.
What I believe is necessary to help those with metabolic syndrome are health coaches.
Perhaps online health coaches that can counsel and support people with DMII.
Because seeing your primary in 15 minutes and being told "improve diet and exercise" just isn't enough. Diabetics just starting out in the confusing world of diet and exercise for reversing metabolic syndrome can hard. It requires a health coach's support weekly or even daily at the start.
What are people's thoughts on this?
I've met some resistance to the concept that DMII and metabolic syndrome is lifestyle reversible. I've lost some of my initial motivation with starting a health coaching project because of the resistance to the concept.

  1. That seems amazing, I hope you succeed in what you're doing.

    1. PCOS, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, now Type 2 diabetes. I know that I can go without meds if I maintain a certain level of carbs per day, exercise, and sleep properly. I look forward to hearing more about what you're doing.

      1. I’ve been a type 2 diabetic for over ten years & I was in my mid forty’s I was stunned because no one in my family has it. I had to change my eating habits of course and removed all fast foods, I’ve lost in total 75 pounds since then. I feel good, but my AC1 took a turn right after my mom past away so my doctor informed me. I don’t know exactly what’s going on with my body, but I feel fine, I’ve had really bad low glucose episodes, oh my lord! It’s awful! I don’t know what else I can say. I’m still taking my one pill Glyberide 2x a day. When given other meds I got really bad side effects 😫and injections as well they all made me sick 😷

        1. Hi there, thank you so much for being willing to share your personal experiences and congratulations on the weight loss! Getting a diagnosis, when you're not expecting it due to a lack of family history, must be very shocking.

          Also, I'm very sorry for your loss. One of our contributors wrote about how different life events really obstructed her diabetes management. You might find it relatable if you're interested in reading it: https://type2diabetes.com/living/mental-health-hit.

          I'm also sorry to hear about your low glucose episodes. That must have been pretty scary, especially the first time you experienced one. You probably have, but just to make sure, have you already spoken to your doctor about this? You may find this article helpful on hypoglycemia (though you might already know all of this!): https://type2diabetes.com/complications/hypoglycemia. It's unfortunate about other treatments giving you very bad side effects. I know others here in the community have mentioned trying to weigh treatment options as it relates to side effects.

          Please know the community is here for you if you ever need a place to share and vent about what you're currently going through.

          Minel (Team Member)

      2. Hello There, just recently diagnosed with type 2 and the doc sent in a prescription and sent me on my way. Told me nothing but to come back in 3 months for blood work. Diabetes does not run in the family so knew nothing about it. Found out on YouTube about needing to check blood glucose and how. Think you are definantly right about classes, some form of education, something, anything would help. Hope you continue advocating for this. Thank you

        1. Thank you for your determination. Would be nice if another person doesn't have to find out how best to treat their disease by going to uncertified sources. I will check out your Youtube program for sure.

        2. Hi, thanks for sharing a bit about your journey. It's really overwhelming to be newly diagnosed and a lot of people in the community have also had similar experiences, unfortunately, where their doctor really didn't help educate them at all. Would you ever think about seeing a certified diabetes educator or registered dietician? They can be helpful! Here is some more information if you're interested in learning more: https://type2diabetes.com/living/certified-diabetes-educator-registered-dietitian & https://type2diabetes.com/living/certified-diabetes-educator.

          Minel (Team Member)

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