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Blood test results

Hello everybody I am new to the Forum. I took a fasting glucose test and I received a normal result of 81. However, the doctor found that I have sugar in my urine. Is it possible that a fasting glucose test could be inaccurate? Can someone who has diabetes potentially have a normal test result on a fasting glucose test?


  1. Thanks for sharing and welcome to our community. I hope that we can be a source of helpful info and support to you. I'd encourage you to speak with your doctor about your lab results and any questions you have. In addition to speaking with your doctor, here's a great article that may help clarify the fasting glucose numbers: Wishing you the best, please reach out anytime. Best, Kelly, Community Moderator

    1. Thank you for the response! Just so you know I have not been diagnosed with diabetes I'm trying to figure out if I have it or not. I'm just confused because how can it be that my sugar level was 81 which is normal yet I have glucose in my urine? I'm just wondering if somehow the test could have been inaccurate.

      1. Glucose in the urine may be an indicator of hydration status, kidney function, high blood sugar or it could mean something else is going on, which is why it's best to discuss with your doctor. The blood sugar test you had measures blood sugar at that moment in time. It is often helpful to have a few more data points to compare. Have you ever had a blood glucose level above normal in the past? This article explains a bit more about urine testing: Best, Kelly, Community Moderator

      2. as I read this thread, just wondering if you asked the doctor your question about glucose in the urine.

    2. Hi there. I'm severely diabetic, but my fasting glucose numbers have always been perfect. It's after I eat that the sugar gets me!

      1. Thank you for sharing. Be sure to speak with your doctor about any specific health questions, if you haven't already. It's interesting that your fasted numbers are normal. What type of numbers do you see after eating? Are you tracking your A1c trends? Do you struggle with low blood sugar as well? Wishing you the best, Kelly, Community Moderator

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