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Anyone tried the new POGO Automatic meter yet?

My doctor mentioned a new meter that does not require test strips or lancets, it's all in one. It is made by a company called Intuity Medical, Inc. Has anyone tried a POGO yet?

  1. Hi there! I haven't seen anyone discuss this here but will let you know if I do - I did find some more information here if it may help:

    Have you asked your doctor if they have other patients using one and what their experience may be?

    Thinking of you - keep us updated. Best,

    Margot, Team

    1. See that FreeStyle has a 14 Day meter, think with insurance it costs about $50+ . . . I'll stay with fingertip torture.

      1. with goodrx I get 28 days (2 sensors) for 70 bucks at Costco and I live in a high cost area. I love it. Waiting on the libre 3 to hit the market. Very granular control and monitoring

    2. I have a Halki diabetes remedy. Its work for me now.

      1. Wow awesome! Mind sharing it to us, please.

    3. I haven't tried, but I heard it is very useful.

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