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General Discussion

Interesting PDF

  • By Thomas A McAtee Jr. Moderator

    I found this pdf a few years ago. It’s a free download for personal use. It’s called Taming the Tiger. Don’t know if allowed to post this link or not. If not then admin please let me know. It’s humorous, yet very serious at same time. The author is also diabetic. Some good and interesting information. He tells it like it is, no sugar coating so to speak. Some of the language might be a bit rough, don’t remember. Has been a while sine I read it. I shared the link before with my DE and dietitian. Both loved it. Like I said, very interesting and fun reading at same time. It’ll tell you that it’s free to download for personal use. I believe the author has other books but this is the one I found interesting to me. I still enjoy going back and reading it.
    If the admin lets this be posted then I hope everyone enjoys it.