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Medications & Prescription Treatment


  • By SweetD

    I was taking 1 mg 2x day. At my last doctor visit, my A1C was up a couple points. It didn’t reflect my improved eating for the previous 2 weeks. Doctor upped to 2 mg 2x day. I did as was advised and starting having lows. I called my doctor, but she is on leave until July. The PA gave me some advice that made me nervous. Said if I go to 50, make sure to treat it. I was told by everyone else not to go below 70 without treating. So I cut back to 1 mg 2x day. Still had lows. I know it’s because I am eating properly now. I finally am off this medicine, until my doctor is back and I see her in July. My numbers have been very good. My pharmacist said make sure to follow up with my doctor, but supports my decision since my numbers are very good and my lifestyle habits are improving. If not for my family and pharmacist, and of course my daily readings, I wouldn’t have stopped this medicine.

  • By Margot Keymaster

    Hi @sweetd,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us; it sounds like you’ve taken control of your type 2 diabetes and your health! It’s great to hear that you have been so on top of medication and management – it is a great idea to speak with your doctor when they are back; or to see another doctor for a second opinion before July – we always recommend checking with a healthcare provider about medication questions! It is wonderful to hear that your numbers have been very good lately, and that you checked in with your pharmacist – they are so knowledgeable too. Thinking of you! Please do keep us updated and thank you again so much for sharing here! I am sure this will be helpful for others here!

    Margot, Team Member