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Sister's love

My sister is 42 years old with down syndrome and I took her to Joslin clinic they taught us a lot about food. A friend shared with me that exercise and lemon water may help. In one year, my sister was off the medication. I thank God for that. It's been 11 years and her A1c is 6.3, which is great. It was at five and a half.

I believe cinnamon, lemon water, exercise, and reading all your labels are the key factors for lots of type 2 diabetics. We take a lot of water. It really helps with cholesterol and it really helps with high carb foods. If you want to eat them, you can take some lemon water and it may drop that sugar about 50 points in a matter of half an hour. In my experience, take it gradually because it really drops the sugar fast. I hope this helps someone.

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