Native American and Diabetic

Last updated: November 2021

I have been diabetic since 2001. Not on regular insulin or pills. I was itchy, tired more than usual, and had some fuzzy vision from time to time. No increased thirst or visits to the bathroom as I was told by my mother who was T2D. I did have large babies and she said that was a precursor to diabetes.

I had acanthosis nigricans, but didn't know that was what it was until well into having diabetes. I just thought it was one elbow that was crusty. I didn't know it would disappear with good blood sugar readings. I have exercised hard and hardly exercised. I have been on adequate protein and hardly any. The diabetic diet changes all the time it seems to me.

Family ties to type 2 diabetes

My mother died from diabetic complications. She broke her neck when she fell at dialysis. She was in rehab to get back home and didn't make it home. She told me that commodities and lack of the traditional Native American diet are what is the problem for most Native Americans. Probably enough for now.

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