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I was dxd with diabetes in August of 2014 after I had my gall bladder removed. They sent me home with a prescription for Metformin, but nobody told me what it was for. Within a week I was back in the hospital with a serious bowel blockage, had more surgery and spent most of August in the hospital. Still no one really talked to me about diabetes. This time I left the hospital with 2 insulins…mealtime and long acting. I needed the services of a home health care nurse after I left the hospital and she was a real blessing. She brought me a diabetic cookbook and helped me start to figure out how to handle this disease. It wasn’t easy for me, but I did get control and within 6 mos, my A1c went from 12 to 6.4, only now I had Kidney problems. Now THAT scares me. Diabetes I can be proactive about, I can take meds etc. With the kidneys all I can do is eat right and drink more. There is no pill to make it better. So that’s where I am almost 2 yrs later. I do have other peripheral diabetes related problems, but everything is under control except for the weight. Despite making lifestyle changes and exercising more, I have not been successful at losing any weight…a big thorn in my side. I am using Bydureon now and in a week or so, I will be completely off insulin. Maybe it will help.

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