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I Keep Trying

As I posted in the forum about do I remember when I was dx I keep trying.

It’s a hard game we play isn’t it? I try to use this song as my thing.

When I was first dx I was hit kinda hard. I knew one of my sisters had been dx years before I was. An aunt was type2 and some others. Runs in my father’s side. But you know how it goes. Happened to them not me. Right??? Well, so much for that saying because it happened to me.

While the doctor was writing places and people he wanted me to contact I was thinking, mind racing. He looks up at me knowing what I was going through. I asked how much was me. He told me mainly genetics that I did play some but mostly the others. He had known about my family history, so knew what I was thinking.

So I went hard core with it. I mean hard core. I dropped from 230 to 167 but body wasn’t happy and went back up to the 170’s – 180’s. I stayed that way for a few years (was dx in 2012) I really watched what I ate and at work would do a lot walking. When parts and supplies weren’t too heavy and day was nice outside I’d walk with stuff in arms to the buildings needing them. Same with carrying toolbox. But if had to drive a bit would park a bit from the place so would walk more. I was taken off of Metformin in 2013.

I’ve had my highs and a few lows. But I’ve noticed I’m one of those types that don’t know the symptoms or feel them. I mean there’s times I feel like I’m having a high, take the test and will be normal,the when feeling normal will have a high. Lows? I didn’t even know until I took the read and found it(all were the wake-up fasting ones)that way.

I’ve been having great reads lately with some near the max, just under it and some really good ones. But I’ve noticed the weight coming back even though I’m trying to cut down on all again hence the post I made about metformin and weight lost/appetite loss. Thinking about asking the DE if maybe I go back on a low dose of it maybe would help curb the appetite like it did before. Maybe as a kick start so to speak.

But everyone here knows how hard it is to maintain. We go back and forth. Fall out of the car, getup, dust ourselves off and crawl back behind the wheel and continue our journeys down that bumpy dirt road in management of this thing of ours.

I keep telling the wife that I don’t need nor want to see her join this club.

That sleeping sharp tooth saber cat we try to keep napping loves waking up and taking a nip out of us to kinda remind us of what we are and if we don’t try and keep it asleep it’s going to come fully awake and wreck havoc upon us. Right???

Yeah, its a club nobody wants to be in but when we become members we can only do the best we can to be ‘good members’ and play our cards close to the chest and play them straight.

But I’m glad I found this place. Love what I’ve been reading here and learning from others still. Yes, always learning.

Peace be unto all here. May we all find what we need here and also try to give back for others to check and use if we can.

Oh, I have a song for that cat when it wakes up also. Seems to fit in a way.

I think that the songs listed here will fit what we’re going through.

Again, peace be onto you.

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  • Margot moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi @riddler thank you so much for sharing your story and diabetes journey with us here. It sounds like you’ve worked hard to make so many positive changes and it’s so wonderful to hear your readings have been good lately – and I love the idea to park far away if it’s a nice day – an easy way to get more walking and exercise in! Let us know if you speak to your DE what they say about weight gain. Thinking of you! Best, Margot, Team

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