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Getting Motivated to Take Type 2 Diabetes Seriously

How hard it is to get motivated to take type 2 diabetes seriously?

I’ve been a diagnosed diabetic for 14 years. I knew I had a family history. I knew how to eat properly, I just didn’t do it. It took many years and my diabetes getting close to where I would need insulin for me to change my habits. I am now normal weight, A1C of 5.7 and off of all but metformin.

Why did it take so long? I could have felt great all these years!

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  • Thomas A McAtee Jr. moderator
    2 weeks ago

    But it sounds like you have gotten it under great control now. Just remember that when we fall off that wagon we need to dust ourselves off and hop back on it again. Talk to your doctor or team if you find yourself feeling like you’re going to slip out of the saddle. Ask them for guidance and help. But you’ll do great.

  • Thomas A McAtee Jr. moderator
    2 weeks ago

    Sometimes I fall off the wagon and find hard to get back on. I go back and forth. Sometimes it’s hard to accept the fact that it’s something we have for the rest of our lives and say to ourselves it’s not all that important or bad maybe? It runs in my family as well from my father’s side.
    It’s very hard to keep motivated to do the right stuff that we know we’re supposed to be doing at times as well I think. But alas this is all my personal opinion. And you know how that goes. 😉

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