Faith knowing I was going to be OK!!

It’s been 12 years since I have heard the words you have Type 2 diabetes. That day and those word changed my life forever. This diagnosis changed my life but not for the bad. It forced me to start taking care of myself.

I know for a fact that my lifestyle brought on my diagnosis. Now this is not the case for many people that have type 2 diabetes. For me it was the case. Somewhere in raising my kids and being wife I lost myself. I gave all of my energy to everyone else and forgot to take care of me. Type 2 diabetes helped me realize that I have to focus on myself and with doing that I actually can take care of others I love in a much healthier better way.

I really changed every aspect of my life after diagnosis. First I changed the way I ate. I took apart my entire pantry and put it back with all healthy food and food that I could eat.

2nd I started taking time for myself and exercised. I really started moving every day and slowly but surely my life and body started changing. 2 yrs later I was down 100 pounds.

I always had faith that I would be OK but I had to work for my health and had to work hard. There was no magic pill. It just took hard work and focus.

I learned so much along the way in my journey. I learned it took daily focus on what I was eating every day for the rest of my life. I learned I had to move and how important that movement would play in how my blood sugar numbers looked.

After losing 100 pounds and finding myself I really wanted to share my journey with others. My friend and neighbour said I should compete in the Mrs. Idaho pageant. After thinking about it and talking it over with my husband I felt it would be a great way to gain confidence.

Our of 16 amazing woman I placed in the top 5. I did not need the crown I needed the confidence it gave me to start sharing my journey with others. Since the pageant I have not shut my mouth. I have become a Diabetes Advocate and that has been such a great part of my journey.

While getting ready for the Mrs. Idaho pageant my website “Get Up and Get Moving” was born. I love my healthy living web site. Through the years I have enjoyed blogging about my journey and the amazing things I have been able to accomplish since I was diagnosed with type 2.

Dr. OZ found my blog online and invited me to New York to be on his show. I loved meeting him and I ended up being a mentor to 3 former pageant queens, It was an a great journey.

Through the years I have been blessed to share my journey inspiring others to “Get Up and Get Moving” I have also been blessed to become a very passionate public speaker and share my journey. So many doors have opened where I have been able to speak sharing my journey all over the united states.

No living with diabetes is not easy in fact it’s a daily struggle but this diagnosis has brought so many blessings.

God’s hand has been in my journey every day and I am going to continue to follow the doors that open and share and inspire as many people as I can. I have always said if I could help just 1 person then I have accomplished so much but with gods help I have been able to reach so many more. In doing this my life has been touched in so many ways I can’t even begin to count them.