Drink more water!

Last updated: September 2022

Stress does some weird things to me as a diabetic. At one stressful point in my life, I was taking a water pill... I don’t remember why it was prescribed, but every time I talked to family/friends they always insist on "drink more water!" Well, I did! Even up to a gallon and a half daily, I didn’t have much of an appetite left.

One day, when my homemaker was helping me, I suddenly felt "different," I don’t remember anything before the EMS took me to the ER. I do remember not wanting to reveal my true identity because they wouldn’t allow me to bring my ID card.

I went home, but they made me return to the hospital. Soon, after blood work, I was found to have "water on the brain." Dehydrated in body, but head too much water. I don’t remember what it was called, medically. Originally, I despised water, except for curbing thirst. But I guess "peer pressure" started to get to me during this stressful time I was going through. I won’t be trying that again :)

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