I have difficulty eating!

I struggle to remember to eat, and when I do, I’m too tired to cook. Newly diagnosed in Ecuador. Put on 1/2 Metformin pill. Little information about type 2 diabetes. Not told to do a glucometer.... just a blood test every 3 months. I researched to find my number was considered “pre-diabetic.”

Current diet habits

I have coffee with milk and a small bowl of cereal, or oatmeal cookies for breakfast. The only other time I eat is mid-afternoon, and then I try to eat healthy. However, the quantity is usually very small. After a few bites, I often just can’t swallow any more! I throw it away.

Dealing with side effects

My Spanish/Ecuadorean doctor is a Gerriantologist. He hasn’t said anything. I’ve had chronic diarrhea for ~5 months! I’m suspect of the Metformin! The eating problem was Dx as CVS (chronic vomiting syndrome) I was hospitalized for 10 days, but have not had vomiting since. Just lack of appetite?

Looking to connect with others

What should I be watching for while I’m unable to eat much? I have no one to discuss this problem with. While Ecuador is not a 3rd world country anymore...it IS still “developing”. It’s my “basic Spanish only” at age 74, that doesn’t help.

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