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Last updated: July 2022

I suffer from a couple of other uncommon serious ailments, as well as being diabetic. I find that very few care providers know very much at all about them, so I have read, and learned. I find that the "experts" I encounter re: diabetes are generally too narrowly focused. I have two measures of my success with the type 2 I have been dealing with over the past 25+ years: how do I feel and what is my A1C number.

Finding what works for my diabetes management

I do NOT check glucose levels – ever! I have learned – my body tells me – whether I am running high or low. For me, the key – has been to adjust my diet to eat and drink things that work for (rather than against) me. It has meant giving up my favorite beverages – milk and orange juice, even the low fat/low sugar varieties, and some foods. It has not been difficult: eating lots of salads and fish as often as I can (sound Mediterranean?). There is room for an occasional indulgence, carefully considered, and there is no tension, no unhappiness, with an A1C that has ranged between 6 and 6.5 for this very senior body.

I am NOT smarter than my doctors, but am very attuned as to how it is behaving, and treat it accordingly. A habit easily acquired and maintained, I have found.

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