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Continuing on forward. Saw my doctor today. She’s very happy with the labs but when she looked at the spread sheets she decided to put back on Metformin, taking at lunch time. That’s cool. Really was glad it happened. And some other tests and instructions. I’m back to doing a BG for fasting at moment. That’s cool.

I really do have a great team and appreciate them very much. I always let them know that too. Any time I send them a message asking a question or requesting referrals etc I get such a great response time from them. Very happy and I’ll send messages just to let them know how I feel about the wonderful help that I get from them. Know that they probably don’t get very many of that.

Wife is always surprised at my response times and can’t believe it when I tell her about it. Have a very good relationship with the doctor, doctor’s staff, CDE and rest of my team.

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