Veggie Handroll Sushi

Veggie Handroll Sushi

This veggie handroll sushi is filled with refreshing raw veggies, nutrient-dense nori, and tofu for protein. This recipe avoids rice, which is the source of high carbohydrates in most sushi. If you don’t have certain veggies on hand or prefer others, you can easily make substitutions in this recipe.

For this recipe, I bought pre-baked teriyaki tofu. You can also use regular, plain tofu, and this is okay to eat as is. However, you can also choose to roast or saute the tofu in sesame oil and soy sauce before using it in this recipe.

Makes 1 serving
Serving Size: 1 roll
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes

Ingredients for veggie handroll sushi

  • 1 sheet of nori
  • ¼ cucumber
  • ½ carrot
  • ¼ avocado
  • ⅓ cup baked tofu
  • Soy sauce for dipping

Directions for veggie handroll sushi

  1. Cut cucumber and carrot into matchsticks.
  2. Open avocado and cut into slices.
  3. Cut tofu into thin strips.
  4. Tear nori in half.
  5. Split ingredients onto each side of nori.
  6. Roll nori into a cone shape.
  7. Dip into soy sauce, and if you enjoy spiciness, dip into sriracha.

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Nutrition facts

Per Serving

  • calories: 177
  • carbohydrate: 12.2g
  • cholesterol: 0mg
  • fat: 10.7g
  • fiber: 5.5g
  • potassium: 652mg
  • protein: 10.3g
  • saturated fat: 1.5g
  • sodium: 939mg
  • sugar: 3.2g

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